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Pipe Calibration Machines for the production of Bi-metal pipes

Inner and outer pipe
Ferritic and austenitic steel pipes

Bonding of ferritic and austenitic pipes under high pressure

AWS Schäfer offers pipe-calibration machines for bi-metal, cladded and plated pipes. Pipe production involves combining two different pipe materials - a ferritic outer pipe and an austenitic inner pipe - using internal pressure and a special tool. A closed tool is used to ensure that the pipes produced meet the highest possible requirements with regard to their diameter, circularity and straightness tolerances. This production process for mechanically plated pipes delivers clear cost advantages in comparison with the production of solid pipes or metallurgically plated pipes. The tried and trusted high-pressure forming centres at AWS Schäfer are also used for the calibration of ovalised pipes. At the same time, AWS Schäfer's pipe-calibration machines give you the option of carrying out pressure tests on the finished product directly after expansion, using the machine while the tool is open.

Pipe-calibration machines are suitable for manufacturing pipes for numerous applications:

  • Mechanically plated pipes for medium transport, e.g. corrosive media such as acid, oil and gas, or abrasive media.
  • Borehole tubing
  • Special pipes
  • Precision pipes for special accuracy requirements
  • Structural tubing (steel constructions)
  • Pipeline and heat exchanger technology

Our range of services not only comprises individual machines and tools, but also complete production lines for the entire production process of bi-metal pipes - from planning of the production process through to the finished product.

Our HFC-type pipe-calibration machines are available in many versions:

  • Pipe diameters up to 914 mm
  • Locking pressure up to 100,000 t
  • Pipe sections ranging from 6 to 12 m
  • Wall thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 38 mm
  • Outer pipes made of materials such as X65 and X70 according to API regulations, with materials according to DIN 17 172, GOST, etc.
  • Inner pipes made of austenitic liner materials such as stainless steel, e.g. 316 L, 317 L, etc. or nickel alloys such as Incoloy 825 or Inconel 625, etc.