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Over the past decades we have developed several innovative technologies – particularly for forming and processing steel and pipe products. In addition to our engineering skills we also stand out for our insight into our customer challenges all around the globe; we have always considered one of our tasks to be able to produce customised solutions when standard machines cannot be used. In some cases it is also possible to retrofit a machine or system. An example of our customised solutions:

Pipe End Calibration Technology

Forming processes or later heat treatment can cause the end of the pipe bend, T-pieces or straight pipes to become oval. The pipe end must be calibrated for roundness before further processing to eliminate the problem and to prepare the seam for a perfect quality weld.

To achieve this we offer two different calibration technologies:
  • AWS pipe end expanding machine – a hydraulically operated machine that uses calibration tools to calibrate the end of the pipe from the inside over its entire circumference.
  • The combined AWS pipe end calibrating machine – a hydraulically operated machine in which the pipe end is first expanded from the inside over the entire pipe end circumference using calibration tools and then calibrated from the outside to the required outside diameter with highest roundness tolerances.
Technical data
Pipe diameter:50 to 1,600 mm
Pipe wall thickness:up to 80 mm
Forming length:30 to 100 mm
Materials:Ferritic and austenitic steels

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