Induction Bending Technology

Konstantin Zimmer

Konstantin Zimmer

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Pipes with bends and curves are not only indispensable in the petrochemical and oil and gas industries, but also in the construction of power plants, tanks and pipelines. The induction bending technology used in these fields is an efficient process in which round or rectangular tubes, T-beams and profiles are heated using a medium-frequency inductor and formed into the predetermined shape.

The first induction bending machine was developed and delivered by AWS Schäfer Technologie as early as 1986. Since that time our engineers have continually developed and improved the process which today enables even the most demanding bending tasks to be performed efficiently. With a total of six registered patents we are the global technology leader in induction bending machines.
Technical data
Pipe diameter:50 – 1,660 mm2 – 64″
Wall thickness:3 – 120 mm1/8″ – 5″
Bending radius:75 – 10,000 mm3″ – 33 ft
Bending angle:max. 183°
Pipe length:up to 18 mup to 59 ft
  • Automatic bending machine with continuous process logging
  • Inductors with integrated cooling developed in-house
  • Easy-to-use technology control with automatic start-stop and pre-ovalisation
  • Integrated systems for heating pipe bend tangents and minimising ovality using patented process technology
  • Reduced reduction in wall thickness due to optimum temperature distribution
  • Bending radii possible from 1 x D up to 64 m
  • Multiple bends (spools) with complex geometry
  • Bending of rectangular tubes or T-beams and profiles
  • Conforms with ISO 15590, ASME B16.49, GOST
  • AWS Schäfer equipment and method for bending pipes
  • Pipe manipulator for loading and unloading pipes
  • System for heating pipe bend tangents during the bending process
  • “O-Stabilizer” for the controlled pre-ovalisation of the forming zone during bending process and the minimising ovalisation in the pipe bend
  • Bending equipment for bending pipes with narrow radii
  • Bending machine for left and right tube bends

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