Spitfire Techno­logy:
The revolution in submerged arc welding

Sascha Cuntz

Sascha Cuntz

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3-Wire Spitfire Welding Process
3-Wire Reference Welding
Submerged arc welding (SAW) is an arc welding process with continuous wire or strip electrodes with a high melting rate. The process, which can be easily automated, is primarily used for welding long seams of very high quality.

With the Spitfire technology, AWS Schäfer builds on many years of experience in the field of submerged arc welding. This new and innovative technology enables a higher deposition rate and achieves new standards in efficiency and precision. Today’s increasing challenges and requirements in the pipe industry require new solutions and ways. We at AWS Schäfer have succeeded in developing a product that offers you commercial and ecological added value.
Spitfire is the world’s first submerged arc welding process that uses inductive welding wire preheating to significantly increase the deposition rate within a submerged arc welding process without investing in additional individual wires on the welding head. You not only save on consumables in the welding process, but also productive time.


Your benefits at a glance:
  • The energy yield to be introduced per wire is kept constant using the welding parameters
  • Excessive thermal stress on the welding head is avoided
  • The deposition rate to be achieved is reflected in more weld metal volume per unit of time
  • A higher volume per cross-section at a constant feed rate
  • A constant volume in the cross-section combined with a higher traversing speed

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