Pipe Mill Technology

Complex technical challenges have to be mastered when forming plate into pipe, particularly in large-diameter pipe production. AWS Schäfer Technologie is able to meet these demanding requirements because of our detailed knowledge of the subject; we have been equipping renowned pipe mills all over the world with a wide variety of forming, welding, processing and testing equipment for decades. Today we offer the latest generation of plate measuring and forming equipment as well as end processing machines that can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new pipe mills.

Plate Measuring System

To ensure that the end product is of high quality it is essential for rolling mills and plate processing companies to perform a recorded product quality control. Most companies carry out this activity manually, which requires significant manpower. AWS Schäfer Technologie has developed an automated plate measuring system to control the inspection of outgoing and incoming plates and to enhance reproducibility and measuring accuracy. Designed as a mobile full gantry, it can be used flexibly either as a stand-alone solution with a plate support table or integrated into a production line with a plate roller table. The system is configured according to the customer’s individual requirements and specifications.

Technical data
Plate length:3,000 mm – 13,500 mm
Plate width:1,000 mm – 6,000 mm
Plate thickness:8 mm – 80 mm
Plate weight:max. 30 t

  • Practice-oriented system concept using high-quality measurement technology
  • Measurement of sheet length, width and thickness
  • Measurement of the cladding thickness of roll or explosion clad plates
  • Recognition of the sheet shape (sabre shape, constriction, bulge)
  • Detection of the sheet metal curvature in the transverse direction (flatness)
  • High measuring accuracy and reproducibility through the use of linear axes
  • Stable mechanical engineering with servo drive technology
  • Main control with a master control panel based on Siemens S7 
  • Data recording with measuring protocol in accordance with customer requirements
  • Minimisation of the measurement error rate
  • Time and cost savings
  • Remote maintenance module for rapid support

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Plate Crimping Machines

A crimping machine is designed to produce precisely bent plate edges in a stepped forming process for further processing in large-diameter pipe production. Our most recent generation machine is capable of exerting up to 35,000kN press force and, with an effective forming length of up to 1,200mm, can bend high-strength materials on both sides in short cycle times. The coordination of the plate support tables with the press movements and the fully automatic press control system increases productivity even with the most diverse sizes. 3D bending tools developed in-house ensure the best possible results with continual repeat accuracy.

Technical data
Crimping diameter:406 mm – 1,575 mm / 16″ – 62″
Wall thickness:up to 50.8 mm / 2″
Material quality:up to X 100 / 750 Mpa yield strength

  • Plate centring during forming
  • Reduced number of tool sets by using an innovative tool concept
  • Simple adaptation to a wide variety of tools facilitated by a user-friendly tool change concept 
  • Tried and tested tool design for perfect bending results and long tool life

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Pipe Calibration Press

AWS Schäfer has developed a pipe calibration press for calibrating longitudinally welded large diameter pipes to meet the shape tolerances for ovality, straightness and outside diameter as required by international specifications (such as API 5 L, ASME/ASTM or GOST). During the process the entire pipe body is calibrated in the circumferential direction of the pipe from the outside in using special forming tools in a uniform, step-by-step process.

Technical data
Pipe diameter:406.4 – 2,438.4 mm / 16″ – 96″
Pipe length:min. 6,000 mm, max. 13,200 mm
Press force:up to 30,000 kN
Pipe weight:max. 30 t

  • High quality, rapid straightening of pipes
  • Tight roundness tolerances even with thin wall thicknesses
  • Easy to operate due to fully automatic process control system, with automatic measuring system for the pipe ends as an option
  • Capability of tube manipulation during the calibration process
  • Cost-effective and flexible tool concept with time-saving tool change and increased tool life
  • Capable of plastic circumference reduction of pipes

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Pipe End Milling Machines

CNC pipe end milling machines perform all tasks related to the circular machining of pipe ends of inductively formed pipe bends, straight pipes, T-pieces and other cylindrical steel components for the most varied geometries of weld seam preparation.

AWS Schäfer offers a double-sided milling machine for machining large diameter LSAW pipes which synchronously machines both pipe ends in one clamping set-up, ensuring maximum productivity and machining quality.

As a further machine version we also offer a special solution for pipe bending companies which uses a double clamping device that is capable of machining a wide range of pipe bends and other cylindrical components with high clamping power.

Technical data

Pipe lengths:up to 13.2 m (longer on request)
Pipe diameter:up to 120″ / 3,048 mm
Pipe wall thickness:up to 100 mm
Possible milling geometries:on request

  • The machine is designed to be heavy duty, stable and vibration-damping for precise and reproducible weld seam preparation
  • Machining of both pipe ends simultaneously in one clamping set-up
  • Designed as a stand-alone solution or for integration in an automated production line.
  • Twin pipe bend workpiece clamping apparatus to reduce manufacturing costs and increase productivity
  • Clean metallic edge surface and high geometric accuracy
  • The pipe end circumference copy function always produces a uniform welding contact

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