Hydroforming Technology

Your AWS-specialists


The cost-effective hydroforming process has become established for producing complex components such as T-fittings, bends and free-form pieces, particularly for the oil and gas industries. In this process the pipe is formed into the desired finished component in a special hydraulic press using specialised tools and a liquid medium.

Technical data
ProductsT-fittings, bendsFree form hydroforming
Closing force (KN)6,000 to 150,000
Diameter (mm)up to 1,016up to 150
Wall thickness (mm)0.8 – 350.7 – 10
Component length (m)max. 2.5individual
  • Different materials and wall thicknesses can be used in the same mould
  • Multiple parts per forming cycle possible
  • The process does not depend on the type of pipe being formed – welded or seamless
  • Reduction of the number of process steps, parts integration
  • Highest dimensional, form and repeat accuracy of the geometry
  • Low energy consumption in volume production is achieved by the AWS pump-reservoir system
  • Work hardening results in low component weight with high material and fatigue strength
  • Short cycle times by applying a new pressure generation concept
  • Also suitable for the production of bi-metal/cladding fittings
  • Automatic loading and unloading systems

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